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Friday, October 20
8:00 AM to
12:30 PM
Executive Board Meeting
10:00 AM Registration in the Marketing Hub tent on the West Lawn
1:30 PM to
6:00 PM
Marketing Hub opens for business
3:00 PM to
4:00 PM
Refreshment Break (sponsored by Corbis)
7:00 PM to
9:00 PM
Opening Reception (co-sponsored by 40260.com) at the Casa Marina Resort in the Flagler Room and patio
Saturday, October 21
7:30 AM Registration opens outside the Grand Ballroom
7:30 AM to
9:00 AM
Breakfast in the Grand Ballroom and patio
9:00 AM Welcoming Address "Into the Crystal Ball" by PACA President Roger Ressmeyer/Science Faction
9:30 AM to
12:00 PM

"New Age of Stock Information: Content Meets Context”
This will be a presentation on targeted demographics, the effects of psychographics on advertising and how to identify new conceptual notions in the marketplace. They believe that stock photography mainly caters to marketers and advertisers who these days, are bending over backwards to understand what makes consumers tick. Truth be told, more and more power is shifting from marketer to consumer, making their desire for demographic accurate imagery that much stronger.
Presented by Karen D’Silva and Meg Asaro, SPARK

12:00 PM to
2:00 PM
Lunch in the Grand Ballroom and patio
2:00 PM to
3:30 PM
"Micro Stock’s Rising Tides: Cannibalization or New Market Creation?"
The panel discussion on micro-stock will allow conference attendees to hear directly from the founders of several of the leading micro-stock companies. The panelists will make brief presentations about the beginnings of their businesses, how they came to the micro-stock business model, how they see the micro-stock segment fitting in with the rest of the stock photo industry and how they think the micro-stock model might evolve in the future. After the panelists' opening presentations, we will invite the audience to ask questions or add their own comments about this relatively new side of the stock photo industry.
Moderated by Chris Ferrone
Panel will include: Serban Enache/Dreamstime; Oleg Tcheltzoff/Fotolia; Kelly Thompson/iStockphoto; and Bryan Zmijewski/Lucky Oliver
3:45 PM to
5:15 PM
"DAM-Digital Asset Management: Why Our Clients Want It"    
In this ever-changing digital environment, we are now seeing a trend by publishers, corporations and ad agencies to “control” their own database and manage the imagery they want to use.  Why do they want to do this and how do we work with their metadata and keywording needs?
Moderated by Jeff Burke, Immediate Past PACA President and Chairman of the Board of the PLUS Coalition
Panelists:  Bonnie Beacher/Senior Director of Contracts, Copyright and Permissions at McGraw-Hill Education; Melinda Lee Patellis/Director of the Image Resource Center at Pearson Education
4:30 PM to
4:45 PM

CEPIC Presentation 2007 Venue: Florence, Italy

6:30 PM to
7:30 PM
Cocktail Party (sponsored by Imagesource Ltd) at the Reach Resort outside the pool area
Sunday, October 22
9:00 AM to
10:30 AM
Breakfast in the Grand Ballroom and patio
10:30 AM to
12:00 PM
“Global Impact of Wholly-Owned Content: Navigating through Turbulent Waters"
The creation and distribution of wholly-owned content (WOC), by agencies large and small, is common practice and is rapidly changing the face of today's shifting stock photography landscape. Good and bad. Challenge, debate and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this industry trend. Learn from a panel of pros what the adoption of this model ultimately mean to the greater industry paradigm issues of image creativity - is WOC at odds with creativity? How does it affect customer expectations, pricing, profitability, future sales and other industry norms?
Moderated by Jack Hollingsworth/jackhollingsworth.com
Panel will include: Sarah Fix/Blend Images; Patrick Donehue/Corbis; Michael Teaster/Getty Images; Joe Barrett/GoGo Images; and Lynn Eskenazi/Jupiterimages
12:00 PM to
1:00 PM

Analysis of the 2006 Stock Archive Survey that is being sponsored by PACA and Deutsche Bank. See the latest statistics on the stock photo industry in the United States.
Presented by Jeetil Patel/Managing Director and equity research analyst for Deutsche Bank

1:00 PM to
3:00 PM
Lunch in the Grand Ballroom and patio
3:00 PM to
4:30 PM

Mini Sessions (30 minutes)

  • Legal Update which will include current info on Orphan Works
    Presented by Nancy Wolff, PACA Legal Counsel
  • PACA Metadata
    Presented by Roger Ressmeyer, PACA President
  • PLUS Pre-Release Preview
    Presented by Jeff Sedlik/President and CEO; and Jeff Burke/Chairman of the Board of the PLUS Coalition
4:30 PM to
5:00 PM

Closing remarks by Roger Ressmeyer/PACA President

Introduction to the 2008 PACA International Conference presented by Cathy Aron/PACA Executive Director

5:00 PM PACA Members Business Meeting- Get all the latest information on PACA’s work on copyright, Orphan Works and hear the board’s goals for the near future
7:30 PM to
11:30 PM
Closing Party at the Conch Republic Seafood Company. Cocktails, buffet dinner, dancing and raffle (Cocktails sponsored by Creativity Magazine/Crain Communications)
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