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Welcome to our Video Library. You will find three tabs below. The Webinar & Panel Discussion Tab is where you find the recordings of our webinars. We will be adding to these as new events take place. This section is open to everyone.

Our Legal Education Videos Section contains a series of educational presentations on various legal subjects recorded by Nancy Wolff, DMLA Counsel. We believe that you will find these videos full of important information vital to running your media company. A special thanks goes to Adobe for making these valuable recordings possible. This section is for DMLA members only and is password protected. If you have forgotten your user name, please contact your company's DMLA account administrator or Cathy Aron, DMLA Executive Director at or 714.815.8427.

**There is one legal video preview accessible to everyone under the "Legal Education (Sample)" tab.

Welcoming Address

Presentation | Runtime 0:15

Geoff Cannon, DMLA President
Masterfile, PicRights Europe

Welcoming Address

Keynote Address

Keynote | Runtime 1:08

Chris Do, advocates interdisciplinary knowledge of design, business, education, entrepreneurship, and humanity. Chris has lectured all over the world about helping creatives become more business savvy.

What win does your company need to reach that next level or to push to a new market? New promotion? A big part of growing in this business-driven world is to learn how to negotiate.

Chris DoPresenter:
Chris Do

Keynote by Chris Do

Beauty and the Beast: The opportunities of solo entrepreneurship in the stock and beauty industry

DMLA talk | Runtime 0:31

Victoria Hulett-Gross of Venus Stock will be speaking about the changes facing small stock agencies and the opportunities in licensing in a new media world, and how a small agency can be ahead of larger agencies in recognizing trends.

Victoria Hulett-GrossPresenter:
Victoria Hulett-Gross
Venus Stock

Beauty and the Beast

Driven by Story, Guided by Heart

DMLA talk | Runtime 0:23

David Singer, Co-Founder of Story & Heart, a strategic partner of Inmagine Group and 123RF, will discuss building filmmaker communities and how Story & Heart strategically fit into Inmagines’ growing “Creator Ecosystem”.

Victoria Hulett-GrossPresenter:
David Singer
Story & Heart

Driven by Story, Guided by Heart

State of Image Metadata in 2018

DMLA talk | Runtime 0:13

Is metadata still relevant to inform images of their source, context, and rights? At a time plagued by fake news and rampant infringement, metadata remains the most accurate and reliable method to inform images of their origin, rights, and authority.

Victoria Hulett-GrossPresenter:
Mathieu Desoubeaux

State of Image Metadata in 2018

Converting Unauthorized Online Image Use Into Ad Revenue, How to Monetize Your Content Wherever It Is Found Online

Presentation | Runtime 0:22

SmartFrame and ImageRights have partnered together in order to generate a new annuity ad revenue stream for you from your infringed content.

The team will explain how SmartFrame technology integrated into the ImageRights copyright enforcement service enables you to convert all unauthorized uses of your content into an ongoing revenue stream for your business. SmartFrame tracks and monitors where and how your images are being used and then serves relevant and contextual advertisements within those images.

Joe Naylor, ImageRights
Robert Sewell, SmartFrame

Converting Unauthorized Online Image Use

Copyright in the 21 Century: Back to Basics

Webinar - JULY 17, 2018 | Runtime 1:23

DMLA Counsel Nancy Wolff updates her popular webinar on copyright basics. A must for anyone in digital media.

Moderated by: Leslie Hughes, iSPY Visuals
Presenter: Nancy Wolff, CDAS.

Copyright in the 21st Century

Reps, Warranties and Indemnification

Webinar - JULY 25, 2017 | Runtime 0:58

This webinar explores the topic of Representations, Warranties and Indemnification from the legal, insurance, and practical views. Learn the legal meanings of each, how they work together, the protections and pitfalls. Join Leslie Hughes, DMLA Board Member and Founder of VisualSteam, as she moderates a discussion with Nancy Wolff, DMLA Counsel, Partner at CDAS, and President of the Copyright Society, and Scott Taylor, head of Taylor & Taylor Insurance discuss this important subject for anyone licensing content.

Moderated by: Leslie Hughes, VisualSteam and iSPY Visuals
Panelists: Nancy Wolff, CDAS and Scott Taylor, Taylor and Taylor Insurance.

Reps, Warranties and Indemnities

The Movement to Motion and Mixed Media Marketing

Webinar - MAY 17, 2017 | Runtime 1:15

If a picture is worth 1000 words, video is worth 10,000, literally. This webinar explores the movement to video and mixed media marketing; what is means for content licensing, growing your business, and the still photo business. Predictions are staggering—but will they be realized? According to a report by CISCO, 80% of all content viewed online will include video by 2019.

Join Leslie Hughes and our panel, including Stewart Cohen, Director/Photographer, Luke Taylor, Founder/Creative Director, Pixeldot, and Natalie Lloyd, Brand Strategist, Pixeldot discuss their thoughts and observations on the movement to video in communications and online.

The Movement to Motion and Mixed Media Marketing

The Future of Communications

Webinar - JANUARY 11, 2017 | Runtime 1:07

This webinar takes a look at the key things influencing marketing communications trends for 2017. The panelists discuss the evolution of significant communications themes: the art of storytelling and “storysharing;” the adoption of new technologies and social platforms; and advances in targeting and personalization.

Featuring: Leslie Hughes, Stephanie Marchesi, Shawn Amos, and Robert Dowling

The Future of Communications

Sensitive Subject Releases

Webinar - SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 | Runtime 1:08

This webinar focuses on sensitive subjects, what they are, how they are viewed in the law, what releases are needed, and best practices with both contributing photographers and filmmakers, as well as clients. This is sometimes a confusing topic for artists and clients, and a topic where things have changed significantly over the years. Listen to experts including Nancy Wolff, DMLA's legal counsel, and panelists Claudia Micare and Sarah Foster from Getty, Dan Pollack, General Counsel for Masterfile, and Leslie Hughes, VisualSteam discuss the ins and outs of sensitive subjects.

Featuring: Leslie Hughes, Nancy Wolff, Sarah Foster, and Claudia Micare

Sensitive Subject Releases

Building an Effective Licensing Sales Program

Webinar - SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 | Runtime 1:02

This webinar focuses on building an effective licensing sales program. The program starts with a high level overview of current market conditions and competitive pressures. Then moves into the key steps required to build an effective program including how to determine sales goals, targets and building your own lead generation program. The presentation concludes with the panelists and attendees sharing favorite tips and tools.

Featuring: Leslie Hughes and Candice Murray

Building an Effective Licensing Sales Program

Fair Use: Difficult Waters to Navigate

Webinar - JULY 29, 2015 | Runtime 1:13

Fair Use is one of the most difficult areas of copyright law as there are no black and white rules, and each situation is fact dependent requiring a consideration of several factors. Ms. Wolff, who is also currently VP–President Elect of the Copyright Society, will give examples of recent cases and provide guidance on how to better understand this complex issue.

Featuring: Sarah Fix and Nancy Wolff

Fair Use: Difficult Waters to Navigate

Marketing to Today's Stock Clients

Webinar - MAY 7, 2015 | Runtime 1:05

Before a client sits down to work at their computer, they have already been hit with a tidal wave of marketing messages. It’s getting to the point where everything is becoming white noise. How do you stand out? How can you make sure your company’s messaging is getting through? Marketing is not only an important business tool, it is essential to your future. Gone are the days of investing in one resource book ad campaign. Today we need to feed the social media machine daily with creative content, email call to action epromos, and dazzle clients with well-designed direct mail pieces. With so many marketing tasks at hand, where do you start?

A strong memorable marketing campaign begins with a great message, and when communicated consistently in a relevant language to the client… we emotionally connect with our clients.

Featuring Leslie Hughes, Jennifer Kilberg, and Karen Dsilva

Marketing to Today's Stock Clients

Motion: Opportunities and Challenges

Webinar - FEB 26, 2015 | Runtime 1:18

The Digital Media Licensing Association brings together some the top stock motion leaders to discuss the opportunity and growth in this market segment, as well as the challenge of building a collection that resonates with clients.

Featuring Stewart Cohen, Alwyn Gosford, Patrick Lor, Eric Trageser, and Jared Van Fleet

Motion: Opportunities and Challenges

Releases: When Do You Need Them?

Webinar - NOV 18, 2014 | Runtime 1:03

Why do you need them? Should you keep copies? Do you need them for buildings? What if it's a crowd? What about trademarks and identifiable objects? Can you use an app?

Featuring Leslie Hughes and Nancy Wolff

Releases: When Do You Need Them?

Opening New Markets Through Image Embedding

DMLA Conference Panel Discussion - Oct 21, 2014 | Runtime 1:02

Moderator Robert Henson is joined by Craig Peters, Getty Images; Jan Ole Kjellesvig, Yay Images; and Scott Calder, Mainstream Data to discuss the how, why, and when of embedding images.

Opening New Markets Through Image Embedding

Web Image Search

Presentation - June, 2016 | Runtime 7 mins

Common ways people search for images to use, and the potential problems that may arise as a result; and better ways to do your image search.

Featuring: Nancy Wolff, Esq., Digital Media Licensing Association

Web Image Search